People and Planet

The planet was here first, no doubt about that. When people start to populate this Earth, nature faced a challenge when this Earth was exploited intensively.

Not only do we use all sources, but at the same time we pollute it. Growing economies are set number one priority by the big business corporations, mostly in wealthy countries. But nowadays the poorest communities are even developping rapidly.

All of this has an impact on our planet and we notice global climate changes.

Eco Solutions

Our aim is to invent, create and build systems that will help us eliminate the problems that arise due to our fast growing welfare.

Machines that process our waste without harming the environment and people.....

Getting energy from these machines and store them in eco friendly storage sytems......

Re-use of materials that were just dumped or buried.....

And many more....with the goal of leaving a healthy planet exist.

Company Profile

Tesla Eco Systems has put all hands together with several groups world wide. We got allianced with the ULGR Group (Canada) and International Green Engineering (USA), who were cooperating already with Tesla Green Inc. (USA), outsourcing the manufacturing of the BlackHole in India, by Tesla Energy PVT. Our partner Parinishtaa Eco Solutions took the marketing lead and soon the whole group got a fast growing interest in our solutions to beat the global waste problem.

Along with that, other inventions were added to offer Product as a Service.


The BlackHole™ offers an efficient and commercially viable, eco-friendly, permanent solution to waste management. This new, affordable, state-of-the-art technology does not require any input energy source like fuel or electricity, to manage the waste.

The BlackHole™ is available in different variances based on material, features and capacity, which ranges from one ton per day to hundreds tons per day of solid waste.

Power Generator & Battery

A power genrator can be added to the BlackHole™. This enables us to generate power from 5KW/H up to 1MW/H.

If desired, our battery storage system can be added, and even create a grid. Even this battery is an eco friendly one, with the newest technology.

Innovative business projections

One of the biggest problems we face for more than a century, is the global waste problem. Recent news got to tell us that every second we create more than a billion Tons of waste. It could be construction & demolition waste, garbage or municipal waste, plastics, and many more...

Watse can also be wet or dry, and most of the time segregation is needed. Humans get ill or even die. What about the CO2 emissions?

Did anyone ever thought of the shortage of clean drinking water? We face many challenges due to our lifestyle. That's why we put all hands together with serious partners globally, to offer the best solutions.